You to me

How your hair lifts,
And how your mouth smiles;
Like a light at night,
Like a spear impaled the darkness.
And it came close to me,
All the roses turned red,
The leaves are shiny and bright;
Then closer and closer,
From the hell I saw the beauty outside.
I hate changes,
And as a pessimist,
I hate you.
I hate you for letting me know what happiness is,
And I hate you for letting my heart beat,
Should I just run away?
You see,
A jay was talking inside of me,
And this is dangerous.
You are my moon, my hope, and my song,
I thought I’ll never have this kind of feeling, but I was wrong.
What more can I tell you?
With my pride,
Throw the fear of the death,
Watching you coming closer.
The closer I get to something,
The more distant it becomes,
That’s why I’m afraid,
Afraid always,
But this time,
no retreat is allowed.



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